We care about mothers. Tommy Lise supports pregnant women in need through Tereza Maxová Foundation

The Tereza Maxová Foundation’s mission is to enable every child to live a healthy and safe life in a family environment and to give disadvantaged children a better start in life. It prevents the undesirable removal of children from the family environment, especially for the reasons of poverty, and aims to support and promote all forms of substitute family care. In the area of institutional care, the foundation supports education, personal growth and skill development, and all efforts to provide the children with equal opportunities after leaving the care home. More at: www.terezamaxovadetem.cz

The foundation supports the organization Amalthea and their program At the Beginning which helps pregnant women in need. It provides them with long-term assistance during their pregnancy and in the early stages of motherhood, prepares them for the arrival of the child and helps to solve the difficult life situation. This support reduces the risk of endangering the child and the removal of the baby from the family. We strive to ensure that the child can grow up with the parents or in the care of the extended family. Only when all attempts to find a good home within his or her family fail, we aim to place the baby in a foster family.

To support this cause, we pledged to donate a portion of every sale from our single bottle products to the Tereza Maxová Foundation. We’re committed to using our brand to give back and improve the lives of people.