Journey into the fascinating world of Tommy Lise!

Our dynamic team of designers absolutely LOVE to travel and capture the memories of their experiences in the world. As a brand, our goal is to bring the beauty of this planet into your child’s life in new, exciting ways. That means opening doors for your child that take them on magical journeys full of adventures, incredible animals, and stunning nature.

We invite you to come on your first journey with Tommy Lise into the MAGNIFICENT RAINFOREST. Inspired by a recent trip to the Amazon rainforest, our design team set out to capture the stunning allure of one of the world’s most diverse and colorful ecosystems. Now we’ve brought it to life so you can enjoy the heart and soul of the rainforest in your own home.

The leaves of monstera, eucalyptus, and banana trees part before a majestic tiger, who in the heat of the day goes on a MIDDAY WALK around its kingdom as the WILD & FREE lord of the forest. Somewhere a colorful parrot flutters above the tops of the mangroves, creating a FEATHERY MOOD. Meanwhile, a BLOOMING DAY is woven together from exotic orchids and lotuses to the sound of birdsong in this rainforest paradise, while the world’s smallest hummingbird with AIRY GRACE shimmers in the rays of the tropical sun.

It is our aim to pay tribute to Mother Nature, and so we use environmentally friendly and recycled materials wh ere possible. We believe that we can contribute to a more sustainable future. We have chosen to use Bamboo Dinnerware that represents a sustainable alternative to plastic and helps the whole family be part of an eco-friendly lifestyle. Our bamboo dinner sets are eco-friendly, compostable, and free from harmful BPA and phthalates. Our packaging is also made from recycled paper, another step towards a greener planet.

Our Magnificent Rainforest capsule collection combines a concern for the future of our planet with a great design that emphasizes your individual motherhood flair. It is style of bold discoveries, unforgettable experiences, and amazing adventures with your little one.

Let’s journey together!